You don’t want to get pulled away from your poolside happy hour this summer due to a plumbing problem. That takes the fun right out of the summer sun. That’s why we here at Bryco Plumbing are providing some preventative measures and water-saving tips that will keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the season!

Follow these proactive steps to check-in on your residential plumbing network before everything kicks into high gear, and the kids are home 24/7!

Check For Signs Of Leaks

Summer typically results in more showers, more laundry, and more home cooking. That’s why it is imperative that you individually check each plumbing feature both inside and outside of your home. Everything from your showerhead to your outdoor hose spigot should be inspected for proper function.

Rust, corrosion, pooling water, cracks, and leaking are all signs that operation is disrupted. If you happen across any of the above, contact your professional plumbing technicians for repairs. Allowing outdated appliances, from your water heater to your toilet, to go without maintenance or repairs can leave you worse off down the line.

When water is involved, it is essential that you address your leak or malfunction immediately, as standing or pooling water can lead to mold growth and other detrimental water damage. If all visual inspections turn up no questionable scenarios, confirm that there are no undetected leaks by reviewing your last few water bills.

If you notice a random, unexplainable spike in your water costs, you may have a hidden leak on your property. Make sure you are constantly monitoring your water statements to ensure that no potential leaks get by you.

Inspect Your Sprinkler System

Before kicking your landscape sprinklers into high gear this summer, check each head for signs of damage or corrosion. If you find any sprinklers that need attention, replace the sprinkler head before running your system to ensure you do not have a potential geyser on your hands.

Additionally, sprinklers should be cleaned before use to ensure they are running efficiently. This will allow water to flow freely, decreasing your cost for operation.

Lastly, sprinklers can leak underground. If you notice patches of dead grass or increases in your water bill, these are signs you may have sprung a leak. This can cause foundational damage, so it is imperative you get this repaired immediately.

Keep An Eye On Your Garbage Disposal

Man your garbage disposal this summer! Whether it is your kids, or you have a small barbeque with some friends, people tend to through a lot of incompatible items down the disposal. Remember to keep these items out of your garbage disposal to avoid clogs and damage to your disposal system.

Practice Water Conservation

The best way to save money this summer? Practice water conservation! It’s easy, and you’ll feel good about the positive impact you are making on the environment. Not to mention, your pockets will be happier for it as well! Here are some best practices for reducing your water use this summer:

  • Place your sprinkler system on a timer! This will reduce forgetfulness, optimizing your water use.
  • When brushing your teeth, turn the water off! Leaving the water running can add up to 4 gallons of waster water per brush.
  • Take your car to a professional car wash rather than doing it yourself. Professional car washes recycle water, making the entire process less wasteful!
  • When washing your hands, lather with soap before turning your faucet on. This will, over time, prove to add up to a lot of saved water.
  • If you need to replace a plumbing appliance this summer, make sure you purchase one with a WaterSense label! This will ensure that your toilet or new plumbing fixture is running with the highest quality and efficiency standards.

For plumbing maintenance this summer, contact Bryco Plumbing at 818-349-9000! We are here to make sure your home runs efficiently this season!