The holidays are already one of the most stressful times of the year for many people. Why let a plumbing issue at home increase that stress? Here are some easy tips that you can use to avoid the most common plumbing predicaments that arise during the holiday season.

1. Take care of any problems you know about NOW.

If you’re already struggling with a slow drain, a toilet that keeps running, or a leaky shower faucet, call a plumber to take care of it before you host any overnight guests. (Don’t forget to ask the plumber about discounts!) Your peace of mind will be worth it.

2. Label the circuit breaker switch that corresponds to your water heater.

A power surge can cause your water heater to trip the circuit breaker associated with it. This stops your water heater from getting power and renders it unable to heat any water–which is bad news for anyone trying to take a shower.

If you stop getting hot water while hosting guests, always check whether or not your water heater tripped the circuit breaker. Checking this is much easier to do if you’ve already labeled to switch.

3. Limit what goes down your kitchen drains.

To prevent bad smells, jammed garbage disposal, or a clogged sink, be mindful of what goes down your drains when preparing and cleaning up after a holiday feast.

  • To prevent grease, oil, and fat from solidifying in your pipes, dispose of these substances directly into the garbage.
  • Keep fibrous veggies, potatoes, bones, pasta, rice, and coffee grounds out of your garbage disposal.
  • After washing dishes, run hot water down your kitchen drain for at least 30 seconds. This can prevent grease remnants from forming clogs.

4. Keep a wastebasket by the toilet.

Even if you remember that nothing should go down the toilet but “number one,” “number two,” and toilet paper, your guests might not know never to flush anything else. Prevent guests from using your toilet as a wastebasket by providing a real one for things like tissues, floss, and hygiene products.

5. Let guests know if your toilet has low flush pressure.

Because of their age or low-flow design, some toilets are not able to flush as much material as other toilets. To avoid embarrassing clogs, warn guests if your toilet has a “finicky flush.” In case anyone forgets, post a holiday-themed sign in your bathroom as a cute and simple reminder.

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